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The band that Scott Mervis of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette called a "Pittsburgh Supergroup" began when singer/songwriter Matt Aquiline repatriated to his home town of Pittsburgh after two decades living and performing in Washington, DC.   To help bring his sound home (and some "home" to his sound), Aquiline enlisted a group of musicians with long and distinguished histories on the Pittsburgh music scene ("A Pittsburgh supergroup" according to Scott Mervis of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette), which now includes Tom Hohn (The Cynics, The Frampton Brothers) on Drums, Ray Vasko (The Frampton Brothers, Fungus) on Bass, Bill Maruca (Sandoz, The Pawnbrokers, Billy Price) on Keys and accordion, Alex Hershey (Bluebird and The Message) on Lead Guitar and the outstanding Vocalist, Heather Catley. The band released its first EP "Coming Home" in December 2017.

The band began a partnership with horn section "The Weapons of Brass Destruction" (Greg Eggert, Hannah Veri) with their 2018 holiday release "No Excuse Not To Have a Merry Christmas," which included the b-side "Climate Change Christmas." 


The band continued their commentary on climate change with with the release of the single "Snowball Fight on the 4th of July" in July 2019. 


The Dead End Streets and the Weapons of Brass Destruction teamed up again on 2020's "The Time Has Come."  Catley is joined by legendary Pittsburgh vocalist Stevee Wellons (Soulful Femme) to take the searing soul anthem for change to church.

The band released its first full LP "Seems I Survived" on October 7, 2022.  Scott Mervis of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette called the title song "a twangy garage-rock anthem for the waning days of the pandemic" and compared The Dead End Streets to the legendary group "The Band." The title track was a semifinalist in the Song of the Year songwriting contest. 

Stellar songwriting and exceptional musicianship lead to a sound that marries folk, rock, blues, country and a little blue-eyed soul into Roots Rock that is pure Pittsburgh, with skill, authenticity and the kind of depth you develop surviving a few cold Winters.

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